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My photography gets new work and recognition for my clients.

My passion, and my intention, is to create compelling images that capture an essence, reveal hidden beauty, and invite an experience of unexpected opening and inspiration.

Forming long-term relationships, many spanning 20 - 25 years, and contributing to my clients’ growth and success by creating outstanding images has been the core of my business model for the past 30 years.

My path to becoming a professional photographer was not a linear one. I first became fascinated as a child, in what was then the Soviet Union, spending time with my father in his make-shift darkroom. I never got tired of seeing unrecognizable, unidentifiable shapes projected from black and white negatives, and then watching images magically appear in the developer tray.

Years later, my family moved to California where I studied architecture at UC Berkeley, and took courses in painting, drawing and photography. Right as I was about to graduate, I realized that photography has truly captured my interest.

The year was 1989, when professional photographers were using a 4X5 camera, shooting transparencies. The process was slow and painstaking, and the media unforgiving. As the art advanced engaging digital technology, the lessons learned previously provided a foundation to further develop my methods and style of work. Digital tools give me an opportunity to use the space itself as a canvas, letting me build mood and atmosphere by layering light within the space.